Bonding with truck drivers via storytelling

What we did:

As a creative agency of Castrol, we also partnered with Castrol VECTON sub-brand, an advanced motor oil for trucks. There is a need to create a connection with truck drivers in a long term basis. And we did it! We build an umbrella concept in order to win their hearts and minds. We found a brand face, a celebrity actor they love, and cretated 3 consecutive branded campaigns aiming both awareness, engagement and education.

Local Consecutive Campaigns Instead of a Global One


First of all, Castrol VECTON’s global campaign was too sophisticated for local target audience in Turkey. That’s why we headed to a stand alone creative campaign to resonate with Turkish truck drives and logistics community. We also partnered with a celebrity actor in a long term approach.

First Campaign: Performance Test within Turkey’s Most Challenging Roads


We did some social listening and saw that Turkish truck drivers challenge Castrol VECTON to perform in not only shinny global advertising films, but exactly here, in Turkey’s tough and challenging road conditions. And we accepted the challenge! In order to prove the advanced technology and perfomance of our product, we created a real story with our celebrity and a famous truck influencer.

Second Campaign: Drifting in a Formula 1 Track, with a Truck?


This time, we partnered with Turkey’s most famous automobile rally pilot; and experienced the advanced system technology of Castrol VECTON, on real action! The campaign created a real buzz among our target audience and grabbed attention.

3rd Campaign: Now It’s Time for Expertise


Both awareness and engagement campaigns are a big hit for our audience. But now, it was time to deep dive into the driving fundemantals and educational content for new geeration truck and logistics ommunity. So we continued our communications vith solid help content with teh help of strong experts and of course again our celebrity.



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